Bringing 78% of users back for more

Making Sky's The Bigger Picture environmental website an outstanding success

The Bigger Picture

Environmental awareness campaign




Creative concept
Site design
Flash development


To celebrate Sky's achievement of becoming the first media company to achieve CarbobNeutral® status, Avvio was commissioned to promote awareness and encourage participation amoung Sky employees.

The focus of The Bigger Picture campaign is an interactive website that acts as a central portal for information and actively encourage Sky people to join together and make their mark on the future of our planet.

We looked at how we could make the site an engaging destination while employees had a few moments downtime, giving them an immediate sense of the impact they could make and providing a fun reason visit again - creating an opportunity to upsell more information and potential activities.

By registering their involvement with environmentally friendly activities, employees gained Carbon Credits to win entries into prize draws. These Carbon Credits are visualised in their very own unique underwater reef. The more often they took part in activities, the bigger and more varied the fish.


In the first week alone over 1,200 employees registered on the site, earning over 50,000 Carbon Credits.

After one year over 270,000 Carbon Credits had been earned and the site established a repeat visit rate of 78%.


A year later the site was rolled out to Sky customers and the site has grown to become one of the most extensive of its kind.