Developing Trident's Perpetual Festival campaign

Engaging 3,000 unique visitors every day for 30 weeks


Perpetual Festival Front End Development




Front End Development
Flash Development


RPM created the Trident Perpetual Festival to encourage repeat purchase of Trident Gum and repeat visits to the promotional web site.

First, the site was used to recruit a globe trotting festival guide to accompany each of the weekly winners.

The consumer promotion followed with each promotional pack of Trident gum featuring a unique code. Consumers enter the code on the web site to enter a weekly draw to win a pair of festival tickets – 30 draws over 30 weeks. On top of this they could also win festival themed prizes instantly. The globe trotting guide reported back from her and the winners' travels to her weekly blog, keeping the site content fresh and engaging.


Phase 1 generated over 1,400 completed job applications (average time to complete was around 30 minutes)

Phase 2 achieved average weekly engagement figures: 8,000 page views, 3,000k unique daily visitors