Successfully selling to a global niche market

Empower targeted developing world markets to sell their interim power generation solutions


Digital and print comms


Savi Design Associates


Information architecture
Web design
Front end development
Print design
Client liaison


As a new comer to the market, and offering a revolutionary solution, Empower needed not just to establish their name, but most importantly get people to understand what it was they were offering.

Their target audience was both technical and non-technical, ranging from mining engineers in remote locations to politicians in charge of regional energy supply. For many, English would be a second language. With this in mind, content for the website and supporting printed marketing materials was written from scratch ensuring Empower's expertise was communicated simply and convincingly.

Although Empower's market was potentially global, particular emphasis was placed on developing markets where internet connectivity can be limited and computer technology can be dated. The initial version of the site was developed to work well on older web browsers and low bandwidths, as well as the higher specification technology typical of a developed market audience.

As understanding of Empower's audience has grown, subsequent iterations of the website have included French language content, video and other rich media content.

Supporting marketing materials have included branded email, live event stands, print advertising and printed brochures.


Empower's first installation is currently building a 36MW generation plant for SOMELEC, the Mauritanian national electricity company.

"Thank you very much indeed for all your hard work. Your dedication and professionalism has really paid off."
Dan Croft, Director, Business Development, Empower