Using online to increase demand in a local area

Connaught House School wanted to attract more prospective local parents

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Connaught House is a small co-educational independent school situated in central London with less than 100 pupils ranging from four to eleven years old. The business is family owned and run and had never used commercial advertising, believing instead in the importance of word of mouth reputation.

Rewriting their printed prospectus and commissioning new photography of the school were the first steps, and this content formed the basis of the website.

The site was designed to reflect the unique atmosphere of the school and provide prospective parents with a linear path through the core content with a clear call to action at the end.

In addition to ensuring Search Engine Optimisation considerations were an integral part of design and development, once online, time was spent to ensure that the site was listed in appropriate online local resource sites, national schools directories and educational resource sites.


Since the completion of the website email and telephone enquiries to the school office have more than doubled, and most importantly a significant increase in registrations for places.

"Parents often comment on the quality of the website and we have been delighted with the results."
J.H. Principal & Owner, Connaught House School